Thursday, February 10, 2011

my (broken) dream

to tell the truth
i'm more interested to be an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) than to be a dentist
although it means less holiday
(and money,  maybe?)

rescuing people is my dream
so be an EMT would be great

and you know how i love fire fighters
working with them would be cool
The Star of Life, a global emergency medical service symbol  

but the responsibility is high
that's my problem
EMTs got people's life in their hands
and they should be able to think quickly and calm
i don't know if i can ever be like that

but now it's not the path walking on
i'm on the way to be a dentist
i don't know if i could face the reality
that this is not i was planning to do
not close to EMT
nor designer
way too far

wish me luck
although i'm not walking on the right path
my hope won't fade
maybe someday my future child can be an EMT or designer
that's just maybe haha

to make my parents happy.

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